As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed today, breast augmentation surgery is performed to increase breast size and to enhance breast shape through the placement of breast implants. Many women choose to undergo this procedure if they are unhappy with their small breasts, wish to change the appearance and size of their breasts following pregnancy or weight loss, or feel that augmenting breast size may also boost their self-esteem.

To place breast implants during this procedure, there are different incision options to choose from.  Read on to learn more about these incision options and which one may be best for you.

Breast Augmentation Incisions

The incisions created during breast augmentation surgery are placed in inconspicuous locations to make them less noticeable. There are three main types of incisions, including:

  • Inframammary incision: This incision is the most commonly used approach. The incision is created in the crease under the breast known as the inframammary fold. Dr. Power will create an opening along the fold under the breast, form a pocket, and then place the implant in. This approach is favored by many surgeons because it allows for more control, enabling precise placement of the breast implant.
  • Periareolar incision: This incision is created as a semicircle along the lower border of the areola.

This approach creates a small opening, which generally results in an inconspicuous scar once fully healed given that the areola is naturally darker in pigmentation than the surrounding skin. 

Patients should know that this approach may complicate breastfeeding and may result in increased risk of developing capsular contracture since more breast tissue is divided during the surgery.

  • Transaxillary incision: This incision is created in the crease of the underarm, so there are no scars left on the breasts. Saline implants are generally used with this incision, which are filled after they have been placed in the chest pocket. 

How to Pick your Breast Augmentation Incision

The breast augmentation incision that is right for you will depend on many factors such as your anatomy, the type of breast implant you prefer, the size of the implant, and personal factors such as plans for future pregnancies.  Dr. Power will speak with you in detail during your consultation to discuss these issues to decide on the breast augmentation incision that is best for you.

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