Are you self-conscious regarding your nipple size?  Many women feel insecure in intimate settings or when nipples appear prominent through overlying clothing.  Nipple reduction is a minor surgical procedure that may be performed to address your aesthetic concerns and to boost your self-confidence both in and out of clothing.

What is Nipple Reduction?

Nipple reduction is a minor surgery to reduce size and projection of the nipples.  Many women report longstanding concerns about nipple size from breast development, while others have noticed enlargement over time following pregnancies and breastfeeding.  Nipple reduction surgery may lead to difficulty with future breastfeeding.  The best timing of surgery for you will be discussed during consultation with Dr. Power.

How is Nipple Reduction Performed?

Nipple reduction is most commonly performed under local anesthetic.  There are different techniques for nipple reduction depending on your presentation and goals.  Often a wedge or donut shaped resection is performed to reduce nipple size and projection and then stitched closed.  Dr. Power will discuss the best surgical technique for you during the consultation.

Nipple Reduction Recovery

There is little downtime following nipple reduction surgery.  Most patients return to office-based work within a couple of days.  You will receive aftercare instructions regarding wound care and showering post-op.  It is recommended to wear a loose-fitting bra during recovery to place less pressure on your incisions and to reduce discomfort.  Dr. Power will generally remove your stitches within ten days. It is recommended to avoid exercise for two weeks to lower risk of further bleeding and swelling.  You should avoid sleeping on your stomach over the first few weeks as your incisions heal.  Nipple sensitivity typically returns to normal within a few months of surgery.

Nipple Reduction FAQ’s

Can Nipple Reduction Reduce the Areolae?

Nipple reduction surgery does not alter the size or appearance of the areolas. Enlargement of the nipples and areolas is often seen together, usually as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Areolar reduction may be another surgical option, however most commonly breast lift surgery is required to lower risk of recurrent areolar stretching over time. Dr. Power will discuss the best options for you after learning about your concerns and performing your clinical examination.

Does Nipple Reduction Affect Nipple Sensitivity?

Although most cases return to normal sensation within a few months, there is risk of permanent nipple sensation change associated with this procedure.

Can I Breastfeed After Nipple Reduction?

Depending on the technique of nipple reduction performed, it may affect your ability to breastfeed. Dr. Power will discuss the best timing of surgery for you based on your goals and presentation.

Can Nipple Reduction Be Combined with Other Procedures?

Nipple reduction may be combined with other breast procedures, including breast lift, reduction, or augmentation. Combining your procedures may be an effective way to reduce downtime and costs. If you're considering other breast surgery options, Dr. Power will tailor a surgical plan for you during consultation.

How painful is nipple reduction?

When performed on its own, nipple reduction is generally well-tolerated under local anesthetic and is typically not very painful. Topical numbing cream may be applied before surgery to reduce discomfort associated with injection of the local anesthetic. When performed in combination with another breast surgery, it is performed under general anesthesia while you are fully asleep.

How do they make nipples smaller?

There are different techniques to make nipples smaller depending on your presentation and goals. A wedge excision may be performed to reduce overall nipple size. A ring-shape excision may also be an option to reduce nipple projection and size.

How much does Nipple Reduction cost?

Nipple reduction for both nipples starts at $3600. You will receive a detailed quote after consultation with Dr. Power based on surgical recommendations tailored to your needs.

Why are my nipples getting bigger?

Your nipples may enlarge during puberty through normal breast development. They may also increase in size following pregnancies and breastfeeding.

What are the nipple reduction techniques?

Techniques for nipple reduction include wedge procedures vs. ring-shaped excisions to reduce overall nipple size and/or projection.

Am I a good candidate for nipple reduction?

If you are unhappy with the size of your nipples, you may be a candidate for nipple reduction surgery. Good candidates should be in overall good health and have reasonable expectations for the results and recovery of the procedure. If your nipples increased in size during pregnancy and you plan to have more children, it is generally recommended to finish pregnancies and breastfeeding before undergoing surgery. Nipple reduction surgery may affect your ability to breastfeed in the future. Further pregnancies may also increase the risk of further stretching or enlargement over time.

How long does nipple reduction take?

When performed on its own, nipple reduction generally takes 30-60 minutes. Nipple reduction surgery may also be performed at the same time as a longer surgery under general anesthetic, for example, a breast lift.

What is the recovery process like?

Recovery from nipple reduction is fairly comfortable, with most patients feeling back to normal within a week or so. When combined with more extensive breast procedures, the recovery time and aftercare instructions will vary.

What kind of scars will I have?

Dr. Power makes meticulous incisions to ensure the best healing from nipple reduction surgery. Any long-lasting scars are generally concealed in the pigmented skin of the nipples.

Will I have feeling in my nipples after a nipple reduction?

In most cases you will continue to have feeling in your nipples after nipple reduction surgery. There is risk of sensation change post-operatively, which may result in the minority of cases.

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