Dr. Power commonly performs minor plastic surgery procedures under local anesthetic.  These procedures include mole removal.

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Cosmetic mole removal

Moles are benign skin growths, which may be pigmented or skin-toned. If a mole is bothersome cosmetically or subject to irritation due to location (for example, when combing, shaving, or frequently irritated from overlying clothing), elective mole removal may be performed. Surgical options for mole removal include shave vs. elliptical excision. Stitches are not required for shave excisions. The mole is shaved level with the surrounding skin surface. The risk of recurrence is higher following this technique since a portion of the mole may be left behind in the underlying skin. During elliptical excision, the mole removal is full-thickness which lowers the risk of recurrence. Stitches are required following elliptical excision to reapproximate the skin edges. A small linear scar results following this technique, which is placed parallel to natural skin creases to optimize healing.

If any mole changes in appearance or new symptoms develop (such as bleeding, itchiness, or ulceration), please see your primary care physician to have the lesion assessed clinically. When examining precancerous and cancerous skin lesions, remember the “ABCDs”. This is an easy tool for patients to consider when performing self-examinations. “A” refers to asymmetry. Any mole that appears asymmetric or grows asymmetrically should be evaluated. “B” stands for borders. Benign (non-cancerous moles) generally demonstrate well-defined borders. It should be easy to tell where the mole starts at the junction with the surrounding skin. If the borders change in appearance or become less defined, please have the mole assessed. “C” refers to color. Benign moles generally appear uniform in pigmentation. If the color changes or appears heterogeneous, this is another feature that should prompt medical evaluation. Lastly, “D” stands for diameter. Any mole greater than 6mm should also be given extra attention. That being said, skin cancers may be smaller than 6mm and many benign lesions larger than 6mm. Any lesion that increases in size should also be evaluated. Dr. Power also accepts referrals for skin cancers and irregular skin lesions. If medical concerns arise regarding your skin lesion, you may have a referral faxed to our office (416-962-1011) by your primary care physician and a consultation will be booked.

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