Your face is what people often think of when they envision you. It is what represents you to the world around you. When you are unhappy with your facial appearance, or when aging begins to take its toll on your face, it can cause a negative impact on your self-esteem. Thankfully, there are a large number of facial procedures that are available today to help you look and feel your best. Not only can these procedures take years off of your appearance, they can also improve on any facial traits that you find bothersome, as well as improve your overall confidence.

When undergoing any form of facial procedure, it is important to choose a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Power to perform your surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons have the proper skills, training, and experience to correctly perform your procedure, ensuring beautiful and safe outcomes. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate or refine your facial contours, facial procedures can help you to improve your look at any age.


Your face represents you. It’s what you show to the world each day, even as signs of aging begin to emerge. So, when it feels like your face doesn’t reflect your energy and youth, it’s time to explore your facelift options for the best in facial rejuvenation with the help of a board certified plastic surgeon. Allow us to redefine your aging process with a natural, refreshed look.


Neck Lift

As we age, we often lose the youthful contours in our face and neck. This can be the result of gravity, heredity, stress, and various environmental conditions. If you are noticing that you are unhappy with these signs of aging and wish to rejuvenate your appearance, a neck lift may be right for you.


Eyelid Surgery

The eye region is one of the most common sites to show signs of facial aging. Many patients consider eye lift surgery to address loose skin that develops of the upper or lower lids. Aging in the periorbital (eye) region may lead to loose skin and increased prominence of orbital fat as elasticity decreases. Patients often complain of appearing fatigued and wish to achieve eyelid rejuvenation.



Otoplasty (ear surgery) may be performed to set back ears that appear prominent. During surgery, the underlying cartilage is reshaped and sutured in a position closer to the head in proportion with other facial features. Small incisions are made behind the ears to expose the ear cartilage. The resultant scars are well-concealed and often hidden by the patient’s hair.


Facial Fat Grafting

Fat grafting has gained popularity in recent years and has developed many applications within facial rejuvenation. Fat grafting, fat injection, and fat transfer are synonymous terms which refer to harvesting a patient’s own fat stores for injection within a different body region to augment volume.



An elevated arched brow is a common request from patients seeking facial cosmetic surgery. The brows may descend over time in association with periorbital (eye) aging. This may lead to a heavy appearance of the brow, increased prominence of forehead rhytids (wrinkles), and accentuation of excess skin and hooding of the upper eyelids.