There are several reasons why breast implants may need to be removed and, if the patient chooses, replaced. Breast implants are not intended to be lifetime devices, so breast implant removal is a relatively common procedure. If you suspect your breast implants need to be removed or you are considering removal for personal reasons, continue reading to learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Power.

Why Do Patients Choose Breast Implant Removal?

Patients may choose breast implant removal for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is a change in the shape of the breasts due to age, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations. Even when patients have breast implants, these factors can change the appearance of the breasts over time.

Another common reason why patients may choose to remove breast implants is a change in aesthetic preference. After an initial breast augmentation, patients may have a change in their preferred appearance and choose to have their implants exchanged for a larger or smaller size. They may also opt for removal of their implants without replacement to return to their natural breast size.

Finally, patients may choose to have their implants removed or exchanged due to issues such as a leak, rupture, or capsular contracture.

When is Breast Implant Removal Necessary?

There are some cases that may necessitate breast implant removal in order to maintain the patients’ health or comfort. Breast implants that leak or rupture can cause pain and discomfort in addition to poor appearance, meaning that the implants must be removed or exchanged. Capsular contracture may also cause pain and require removal or replacement.  This occurs when firm scar tissue develops around the implant, placing pressure on the implant and causing pain. It is also possible for calcium to build up around the implant, which will require further surgery. Finally, teardrop-shaped implants can rotate or shift after an initial breast augmentation and may need to be removed or exchanged depending on a patient’s goals and presentation.  Teardrop-shaped implants had textured shells to lower risk of rotating over time.  This was linked with a rare type of lymphoma and they are no longer in use.

What is Recovery Like After Breast Implant Removal?

After your breast implant removal, you can expect a few days to one week of downtime before returning to office-based work or other non-strenuous activities. As you recover, you should wear a support or compression bra for six weeks. This will help to reduce swelling through the healing process.

Patients can resume light exercise one month after their surgery. However, you should refrain from strenuous upper body exercises until at least six weeks post-op with approval from your plastic surgeon.

Throughout recovery after breast implant removal, it is crucial that you follow Dr. Power’s directions regarding medication, caring for bandages and drains, and other considerations.

Will My Breasts Sag After Removing My Implants?

It is possible for your breasts to sag or droop after implant removal if the implants are not replaced. This is because the skin can stretch to accommodate the old implant. As needed, Dr. Power may recommend a breast lift to reshape the natural tissue if you decide against new implants. This will be discussed during your consultation.

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