Many people are familiar with the terms “breast augmentation” and “breast lift”. However, have you ever heard of implant revision? Overall, there are many reasons that an individual may choose to undergo breast implant revision. Read on to learn more about these reasons.

Your Breast Implant has Ruptured

One common reason for undergoing breast implant revision is a breast implant rupture. A breast implant rupture can be caused by abrupt physical pressure or through the weakening of the implant shell over time. Rupture in saline implants causes immediate deflation of the breast, which makes it easier to diagnose. However, rupture in a silicone implant can be more difficult and may be diagnosed through an MRI. While a rupture may not be immediately life-threatening, it is important to have the implant removed to prevent the development of an infection or internal scar tissue.

Your Breast Implants are Causing Discomfort

Discomfort due to breast implants may indicate a number of issues, including capsular contracture, seroma, pinched nerves, poor implant placement, or more. If you are experiencing discomfort that disrupts your daily life, your implant may be poorly placed. Persistent pain after breast augmentation surgery is not normal and an appointment with your surgeon should be made for a professional assessment.

Your Breast Implant is Causing Capsular Contracture

Following breast augmentation surgery, the formation of scar tissue is a normal part of the healing process. However, in some cases, the body may mistake the implant as a danger and crates an excessive amount of scar tissue to wall it off. This is known as capsular contracture. There are different grades of capsular contracture ranging from normal to severe and can cause discomfort and a misshapen look to the breasts.

Your Breast Implant is Rotating or Moving

While it is normal for breast implants to settle over time, it is not normal for them to drastically move locations. When this occurs, it can be called implant displacement. There are several ways an implant may shift, including a too-large implant pocket, and too much tissue being removed near the breastbone.

Your Breast Implant Has Bottomed Out

Bottoming out occurs if the tissue cannot fully support the breast implant, causing the implant to gradually fall below the breast crease. With bottoming out, it is common for the patient to see and feel the outline of the bottomed-out implant. This is more common with large or heavy implants but may also occur in older women with skin laxity.

Your Breast Implant Has Changed Shape

Breast implants may change shape if the implant shifts, rotates, bottoms out, or ruptures. This can cause asymmetry and discomfort. This can also make finding bras and clothing that fit properly difficult and can cause emotional distress.

You are Unhappy with Your Breast Size

Some patients may find that they are no longer happy with the size of their breasts and wish to change their implant size. This can be achieved through breast implant revision surgery, where your desired implant size can replace your current implants.

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