The Keller funnel for breast implants is a tool used for the insertion of silicone implants.  It is a clear plastic sleeve with a hydrophilic inner surface.  The implant is placed in this delivery sleeve and then gently squeezed through a small opening, which allows for precise implant placement and minimal implant handling.  The system actually looks quite similar to a piping bag for cake decorations!  The traditional method for inserting implants is digital insertion – using the surgeon’s hands – which requires more manipulation and effort to push an implant through a small incision against resistance.  Important to note, I have no conflict of interest to declare or investments in this company.  I only wish I had invented this clever product!

There are several advantages of using the Keller funnel for breast implants:

Smaller incision

The implant is placed within the hydrophilic sleeve, which allows it to slide easily with minimal resistance.  It is then squeezed through the small funnel opening and delivered into the implant pocket.  This allows for a shorter incision than the traditional method of implant placement with greater resistance and difficulty with insertion.

Less trauma to implant

The implant is placed under uniform pressure as it is gently squeezed through the funnel tip.  This may decrease the risk of damage to the implant during insertion.  Using a two-finger technique to insert the breast implant may be associated with higher risk of damaging the mechanical integrity of the breast implant given the amount of force and manipulation required.

Lower risk of capsular contracture

Capsular contracture refers to tight scar tissue that forms around a breast implant, which the body recognizes as a foreign body.  As capsular contracture becomes more advanced, this may result in distortion of the implant appearance, resulting in a high, fixed, and painful breast implant in the most severe cases.  Revision surgery may be required to address capsular contracture.  It is theorized to develop in response to biofilm, which is a layer of bacteria that surrounds the implant.  Since signs of infection are uncommon, this refers to a subclinical infection and relates to contamination.  By using the Keller funnel for breast implants, this minimizes the amount of implant handling through the so-called “no touch” technique.  There may be lower risk of implant contamination during insertion, which may reduce the long-term risk of capsular contracture.

Decreased length of surgery

Using the Keller funnel for breast implants eliminates the struggle of placing a silicone implant through a small incision using one’s hands.  The insertion is very efficient and often reduces the length of surgery, which may also reduce anesthetic risks.

The Keller funnel for breast implants was designed by an American surgeon in 2009.  It has increased in popularity over recent years given research findings that capsular contracture may relate to the development of biofilm.  By lowering the risk of implant contamination during insertion, the Keller funnel is appealing to many surgeons.  It has many advantages for breast augmentation surgery.  I now use this product for all breast augmentation cases.  I am very pleased with its ease of use and believe it will translate into improved patient outcomes.

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