Can I take my surgical bra off for a few hours?

You should wear your surgical bra consistently (even when sleeping) over the first 6 weeks after breast augmentation. You may remove it briefly to shower and should otherwise wear it full-time as directed by your plastic surgeon.

How do fat transfers work?

Fat transfer works by performing gentle liposuction on areas of unwanted fatty tissue. The fat is carefully prepared and then reinjected into other sites for augmentation. It may be used for many areas, including the breasts, buttocks, and face.

How long is recovery after fat transfer?

You may generally return to office-based work within a week of fat transfer surgery. Many patients are able to work from home within a few days. You may resume exercise at 4-6 weeks post-op. Specific recommendations will be made during follow-ups based on your healing.

When can I run after breast augmentation?

You may resume running one month after breast augmentation. Running during early healing would increase your heart rate and potentially increase the risk of bleeding.

Can you transfer fat to your breast?

Fat transfer to breasts may be performed depending on your desired outcome and how much fat you have available for harvest. In patients who have adequate fatty tissue at other sites and who are interested in natural results, it may avoid the need for implants in certain cases. Fat transfer may not be an option for slender patients with limited fat stores. Fat transfer to breasts may also improve the outcome after breast augmentation if your implants show visible rippling with thin overlying tissue.

How painful is breast augmentation recovery?

You may require prescription pain medication over the first few days during breast augmentation recovery. Performing cold compresses and wearing your surgical bra full-time may also reduce your discomfort and pain medication requirements.

What are the risks of fat transfer?

Fat transfer carries risks similar to many surgical procedures, including bruising, bleeding, infection, and swelling. There are also risks relating to the donor site where fat is harvested from and risks at the recipient site. The risk of incomplete fat graft take is important to understand, which may affect how much fat remains at the injection site. Dr. Power will discuss surgical risks in detail during your pre-operative appointment.

Can you transfer fat to your breasts?

This type of procedure is sometimes called natural breast augmentation and is an alternative to the use of implants u2014 it can also be used in tandem with breast implant surgery to improve your results if you don't have enough breast tissue to fully cover the implants. Dr. Power can determine if you have sufficient fat in a donor area to achieve the results you're hoping for.

How long do I need to sleep upright after breast augmentation?

You should plan on sleeping partially upright on 2-3 pillows for a few weeks after breast augmentation. Dr. Power will advise when you may sleep on your side or stomach based on your recovery.

Can a mammogram detect a ruptured implant?

Implant rupture may be detected by mammogram or ultrasound imaging. In cases which are unclear on mammogram or ultrasound, an MRI may be required to better visualize the implants and soft tissues.

Can belly fat be used for breast reconstruction?

Belly fat may be used for breast reconstruction through flap procedures or fat transfer depending on each patients unique presentation and goals. Abdominal tissue alone may be used to reconstruct a breast. When implant reconstruction is performed, abdominal tissue may occasionally be used through fat transfer to reduce implant visibility.

Can I lay flat after breast augmentation?

You may lay flat a few weeks after breast augmentation. During early healing, sleeping on your back using 2-3 pillows may reduce swelling and discomfort.

Does fat transfer last?

The amount of fat transfer that lasts varies between patients. Overcorrection of 30% is generally performed to account for partial fat resorption. There are different techniques relating to harvest, fat preparation, and injection that may increase success of fat transfer.

Is natural breast augmentation safe?

Natural breast augmentation using your own fat stores avoids implant-related risks since there is no foreign body implanted. There are surgical risks as for any operative procedure, which will be discussed in detail during your consultation with Dr. Power.

Can fat transfer be removed?

Fat transfer may not easily be removed. If areas of nodularity develop following fat transfer, most resolve with time following scar massage. Final results and scar maturation may take up to one year following surgery. Removal may be performed in certain cases, for example, if there is persistent nodularity after performing other non-surgical treatments. Removal of fat injected during fat transfer is not easily performed given risk of contour irregularity.

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