Buttock enhancement is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures.  Many patients are interested in buttock augmentation and increased waist definition to achieve an hourglass figure.  Brazilian buttock lift may result in a more youthful appearance and address the gradual effects of gravity and aging on the buttocks.

  • What is a Brazilian Buttock Lift?

Brazilian buttock lift is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthetic.  It first involves fat removal from other body sites, most commonly the abdomen and flank regions.  This is performed through gentle liposuction.  The fat is then carefully prepared and injected into the buttocks to create a more round and youthful appearance.  Brazilian buttock lift generally takes a few hours given the extent of surgery.

  • How much fat survives?

The fat that is injected into the buttocks must re-establish a new blood supply at the site to survive.  Not all fat will survive this process and some will undergo resorption.  Results at approximately 6 months should be long-lasting as long as overall body weight remains fairly stable.

  • What are ways to increase fat survival during Brazilian buttock lift?

It is important to minimize trauma of the fat cells during all stages from surgery through early recovery.  Before liposuction, tumescent fluid is injected to reduce bleeding and to enhance fat harvest.  Some studies have shown that fat survival may be greater when local anesthetic is avoided in this fluid.  Liposuction is also performed under low suction to reduce trauma.  After harvest, the fat must then be separated from the oil and water components before injection.  Centrifugation is generally avoided.  The fat is left to settle and then decanted before injection into the buttocks.  The fat is injected in several layers above the muscle to promote survival.  Following surgery, it is also important to avoid pressure to the buttocks during early healing.  A compression garment is recommended to reduce overall swelling, which applies uniform pressure to the buttocks.  Avoiding sitting for prolonged periods may be beneficial over the first month post-operatively to promote fat graft take.

  • Implants or fat grafting?

Implants may seem appealing to some patients with low body fat or those interested in large volume augmentation.  Buttock augmentation using implants carries higher risk of complications as compared to fat grafting.  Implants may become contaminated due to the body site.  Implant removal would be required if infection develops.  Implants may also result in localized discomfort with prolonged sitting due to foreign body palpability.  Fat grafting utilizes one’s own body tissues for buttock augmentation.  The risk of infection is lower than for buttock implants since a foreign body is not used.  Fat grafting may achieve more natural results and palpability once the fat is revascularized.

  • What is recovery after Brazilian buttock lift?

Patients generally require prescription pain medication for a few days post-operatively.  It is recommended to avoid prolonged sitting as much as possible over the first month.  If returning to an office-based job, patients may return within 1-2 weeks if able to take frequent breaks to stand or walk short distances throughout the day.  It is important to avoid exercise and strenuous activities for one month post-operatively to decrease risk of bleeding, further bruising, and swelling.  The compression garment should be worn as much as possible over the first 6 weeks post-operatively.

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