It is important to understand different options for breast implant shape when considering breast augmentation.   Breast implants come in either round or anatomic – so-called “teardrop” – shapes. Patients often ask which is the best choice for breast implant shape. The answer varies for each patient based on aesthetic goals and clinical presentation. This blog will discuss differences between round vs. teardrop implant shapes.

Round breast implant shape

Most women seeking cosmetic breast enhancement select round breast implants. A round implant creates greater fullness in the upper pole of the breast, which is commonly a site that women wish to augment. Loss of upper pole volume is a common concern of women over time related to the effects of gravity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. If a round breast implant shifts position within the pocket, there is no change in cosmetic appearance.

Teardrop breast implant shape

The other option for breast implant shape is anatomic or teardrop. A teardrop implant may achieve a more natural result by adding fullness to the lower aspect of the breast with less volume at the upper pole. This may lead to a more natural result by mimicking the shape of an anatomic breast silhouette, which has greater volume at the lower pole. It is more commonly selected by patients undergoing breast cancer reconstruction based on these aesthetic differences. The outer shell of an anatomic implant is textured, which may reduce risk of capsular contracture. This refers to tight scar tissue that may lead to long-term complications following breast augmentation.  The downside is that textured implants create more friction and may demonstrate less mobility within the implant pocket.  They are less likely to move naturally within the body when lying down and less mobile during implant massage. If a teardrop breast implant rotates or changes position in the body, the result may appear quite unnatural and revision surgery may be required.

Most women selecting teardrop breast implants are older or undergoing reconstructive surgery. In general, younger women seeking breast augmentation are interested in augmenting the upper pole of the breast and more commonly select round breast implants for this reason. Breast implant shape will be discussed in detail during consultation for breast augmentation. It is important for Dr. Power to understand your aesthetic goals to guide you through implant selection. It may be helpful to bring photograph examples to help understand your goals and aesthetic preferences.

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