Patients often ask regarding the ideal age for facelift. There is no absolute answer for this question as it will vary based on many factors, including aesthetic concerns, medical conditions, and clinical presentation. Many patients considering facial rejuvenation wish to defer facelift surgery until an older age and often consider lesser invasive options in the meantime (for example, Botox and facial fillers). Others may wish to proceed with facelift surgery, the gold standard treatment of facial aging, at an earlier stage, potentially in their 40s and beyond. Potential advantages of presenting at an earlier age for facelift include:

Younger patients are often healthier

Facelift surgery is performed under general anesthetic and is an elective major surgery. Older patients generally have more medical conditions and take more prescription medications. Certain conditions, in particular hypertension and diabetes, may increase risks of surgery. It is essential for blood pressure to be well-controlled before surgery to lower risk of bleeding. If excess bleeding occurs following a facelift, a hematoma may result, which refers to a collection of blood or active bleeding deep to the skin flap. If a hematoma develops, further surgery may be required to stop any active bleeding and to evacuate the blood collection. Diabetes is also more prevalent with advancing age. This condition may increase risk of healing complications, including infection and delayed wound healing, as well as systemic complications. Patients undergoing facelift surgery at an earlier age are healthier on average, which may lower risk of complications.

Facelift results may be enjoyed for a longer period

When a facelift is performed at an earlier age, patients may enjoy their results for a longer period of time. Although facelift results are not permanent and aging continues following surgery, patients generally look 10-15 years younger at a given age.  Following a facelift performed at age 50, for example, a patient may enjoy looking closer to age 40 and younger than his or her peers.  Upon reaching age 70, this patient will still appear younger than had a facelift not been performed.  Results may be appreciated for a longer period of time.

Facelift results may be more dramatic

Undergoing a facelift at age 50 may make patients appear 35-40 years of age. This may achieve quite a dramatic change in face and neck appearance. Looking 65 at age 75 may still result in significant improvement, however results may not appear as dramatic to some patients.

Repeat surgery may be less extensive if desired in the future

A facelift performed on a patient in their 40s or 50s may be less extensive since signs of facial aging are less pronounced at this stage.  The jowls and marionette lines, for example, may be less severe.  Less suspension and undermining may be required during surgery for correction. If a repeat facelift is required in the future, it may also be less extensive since signs of facial aging will be less pronounced following the first surgery.

The time point to consider facelift surgery is different for every patient. The best age for facelift depends on one’s clinical presentation and aesthetic concerns.  It is important to also note that there is no maximum age for facelift surgery as long as a patient is otherwise healthy or other medical conditions are well-controlled. Please contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss facial rejuvenation and to learn more about the most appropriate technique for you!

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