Brow elevation is a common request from patients seeking eye rejuvenation. Surgical brow lift is a powerful technique for elevating the brows, however the trade-off is the resultant scarring and required downtime for healing.  Many patients inquire about a lesser invasive option to achieve brow elevation, the so-called Botox brow lift. 

– What is a Botox brow lift?

A Botox brow lift is a non-surgical technique for achieving elevation of the outer brow.  The procedure involves injections performed in an office setting.  The results are temporary as compared to a surgical brow lift, however advantages include no scarring and no downtime.


– How does a Botox brow lift work?

Botox is a neuromodulator which temporarily weakens underlying muscles.  When injected for improving the appearance of wrinkles, it does so by weakening the muscles responsible for causing dynamic wrinkles to form.  A Botox brow lift works a little differently by targeting opposing muscles.  Approximately 5-8 units of Botox are injected on each side within the orbicularis oculi muscle.  The injection is performed just below the eyebrow towards the outer eye region.  This muscle is responsible for lowering the outer brow at this site.  By weakening the muscle responsible for eyebrow depression, this leaves the eyebrow elevator – the frontalis muscle – unopposed.  Through this effect, the frontalis muscle may achieve a few millimetres of outer brow elevation.  This may accentuate the curvature of the outer brow and increase upper eyelid show as well to rejuvenate the eye region.


– How long does a Botox brow lift last?

The effects of Botox generally wear off within 3-6 months.  It takes effect generally 4-5 days post-injection with peak effects at approximately 2 weeks.


– What are associated risks?

The most common risks of Botox include bruising, discomfort upon injection, and swelling. An extensive review of risks and benefits of Botox will be discussed during consultation.  Asymmetry is an additional risk, although differential amounts may be injected between the two sides to address pre-existing asymmetry.


– What if I don’t want to undergo repeat injections?

A Botox brow lift is also a temporary and non-surgical way to assess brow elevation.  If a patient likes the treatment effect and does not wish to undergo repeat injections every 3-6 months, s/he may choose to proceed with surgical brow lift in the future.  A surgical brow lift may achieve a greater degree of brow elevation.
Please contact us if considering non-surgical facial rejuvenation in the Toronto area.  Dr. Power will give personalized recommendations as to whether a Botox brow lift may help you achieve your aesthetic goals.
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