Patients often present with loose skin or redundant fatty tissue in the submental region.  Double chins may be associated with weight fluctuation, genetics, and aging.  This excess fullness may be unresponsive to diet and exercise.  There are surgical and non-surgical techniques of plastic surgery for double chin correction to sharpen the angle under the chin and to address these aesthetic concerns.  Submental rejuvenation may be combined with other facial procedures to enhance overall facial appearance.  Plastic surgery for double chin correction will vary between patients based on clinical presentation and includes the following options:

For patients with an isolated fatty deposit under the chin with normal skin tone, submental liposuction may be an option.  This is performed in an operating room setting under either local or general anesthetic, which depends on the extent of planned surgery, whether combined with other procedures, patient preference and overall health.  A small access incision is placed under the chin hidden within a natural skin crease.  Through this approach, fluid is first infiltrated to help break down fat cells, to reduce bleeding and bruising, and to provide local anesthetic for pain relief during the early post-operative course.  A small cannula is then inserted to suction the redundant fat cells to a satisfactory contour.  A compression garment is recommended full-time over the first week post-operatively.  It may then be worn outside of working hours for an additional 4-6 weeks as the skin tightens and swelling resolves.  Final results will be achieved by 6-12 months post-operatively, however early results may be apparent within 2-3 months of surgery.

  • Neck lift

For patients with submental fullness and loose skin, liposuction alone may be not be effective.  Although it may effectively remove excess fatty tissue under the chin, submental liposuction will not address redundant skin.  In these cases, a neck lift may also be required to tighten the skin envelope in combination with submental liposuction to remove the excess fatty tissue.  Neck lift is most commonly performed under general anesthetic for patient safety and comfort.  The incisions are concealed within the submental crease and around and behind the ears.  Recovery is longer following a neck lift vs. submental liposuction due to extent of surgery and increased risk of bleeding.  It is important to refrain from exercise and heavy lifting over 4-6 weeks post-operatively, which will be discussed in detail during consultation.

  • Non-surgical plastic surgery for double chin correction

Health Canada has approved an injectable treatment to remove fat cells under the chin.  Belkyra contains deoxycholic acid, which helps to break down and absorb fat cells.  This treatment is also dependant on normal skin elasticity for tightening of the overlying skin following resorption of fat cells.  During consultation, Dr. Power will examine and determine whether you are a candidate as well as the anticipated number of sessions to achieve your desired outcome.  Each treatment takes approximately 15-20 minutes and early results may be apparent within 2-4 treatments.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation with female plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephanie Power, to discuss submental rejuvenation.  The best option will be determined based on your clinical presentation and aesthetic concerns.

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