Patients often inquire regarding body contouring procedures for the thighs following weight loss. Medial thigh lift is often appealing to those considering cosmetic surgery given that the scars are shorter and more concealed vs. those of a standard thigh lift.  Here are 5 FAQ regarding medial thigh lift:

  • What is a medial thigh lift?

A medial thigh lift is a surgical procedure that may achieve contouring of the thighs following weight loss. It is an effective procedure for tightening the skin and soft tissues of the upper thighs. The incisions and resultant scars extend transversely and are hidden within the groin creases.  This type of surgery is most commonly performed under general anesthetic in an operating room setting.

  • Who is a candidate for a medial thigh lift?

This question may be best addressed by considering a patient’s aesthetic concerns, general medical health, and smoking status.  An appropriate candidate for a medial thigh lift presents with redundant skin of the upper inner thighs with well-defined aesthetic concerns limited to this region.  As for any elective cosmetic surgery, it is important for patients to be otherwise healthy or with well-controlled medical conditions.  Smoking increases risk of wound healing complications following most surgical procedures.  Given that incisions are placed within the groin creases following a medial thigh lift, it is important for patients to be non-smokers or to commit to smoking cessation for at least one month pre- and post-operatively.  Smoking cessation may lower risk of healing complications, including infection and delayed wound healing.

A medial thigh lift is not as effective as a standard thigh lift in addressing redundant skin and soft tissues of the mid- and lower thigh.  Patients who present with aesthetic concerns extending beyond the upper third of the thigh are generally not appropriate candidates for this minimally invasive technique of thigh lift.  A medial thigh lift will not tighten the skin envelope of the entire thigh.  In cases with greater skin redundancy, a longer incision is generally required extending from groin to knee level to achieve a more powerful tightening effect.  The trade-off is a longer scar.

  • Where are the resultant scars of a medial thigh lift?

The scars of a medial thigh lift follow the groin crease, often extending posteriorly within the buttock fold.  Once healed, scars are generally well-concealed within natural creases.

  • How long is recovery following medial thigh lift?

Surgical sites are often sensitive following a medial thigh lift given that incisions are placed at a site of friction and skin-on-skin contact.  Early incision healing occurs over the first ten days or so.  The majority of sutures are dissolving. Occasionally permanent stitches are also placed for reinforcement given the body site, which are removed at approximately 10 days post-operatively.  Patients are generally able to return to work by this time point.  Wound tensile strength increases over time as scar maturation completes.  It is common to experience soreness of the incisions over the first few weeks.  Strenuous exercise, sports, and long walks should be avoided over the first 4-6 weeks until incisions are well-healed.  Specific recommendations will be made during follow up visits with Dr. Power based on your healing and activity level.  Post-operative instructions will be given regarding showering and wound care.


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