Liposuction is a surgical procedure that may achieve body contouring. It is most effective for patients of healthy BMI with focal areas of redundant soft tissue that are unresponsive to diet and exercise.   Here are the three main components of a liposuction consultation, which may be helpful for prospective patients:


  • History

A detailed history will be performed during liposuction consultation focusing on aesthetic goals, weight history, and overall medical health which may affect healing.  It is important to know your current body weight and weight history.  If weight loss is planned, it is generally recommended to reach one’s goals pre-operatively to increase the likelihood of achieving a stable outcome.  Weight gain or loss following liposuction will affect the aesthetic outcome.  Exercise and diet will also be discussed.  Understanding which body sites are of aesthetic concern is a main focus of liposuction consultation.  How long have these areas been of concern? How long have you been considering liposuction?  If a patient has considered surgery for a short period of time, a more detailed discussion may take place to ensure that no significant life stressors have recently occurred.  This may lead to higher patient satisfaction rates post-operatively and ensure that one’s aesthetic goals may be met through liposuction.  Other medical conditions will be assessed, focusing on those which may affect healing or increase risk of complications.  As discussed in a recent blog, smoking cessation is recommended for at least one month pre- and post-elective plastic surgery to lower risk of infection and further healing complications.  A complete medical history will be performed to understand comorbidities and other medications.  This will determine whether a patient is a candidate for elective plastic surgery and guide other investigations pre-operatively.

  • Physical examination during liposuction consultation

Clinical examination of the potential surgical sites will be performed. Dr. Power will carefully assess the degree of redundant fatty tissue as well as skin elasticity. Liposuction is quite effective in removing focal fatty deposits. The overall aesthetic outcome however is also related to normal skin tone. If excess fatty tissue is removed from sites with decreased skin elasticity  (for example, following pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations), excess skin may result which compromises the aesthetic outcome. In these cases, alternative surgical procedures including removal of loose skin – for example, tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, etc. – may be recommended. A routine physical examination is also performed pre-operatively to assess other body systems before undergoing elective plastic surgery.  Liposuction is not an effective technique for weight loss. It is most appropriate for patients close to ideal body weight with persistent focal areas of fatty tissue as a sculpting technique.  Your BMI is calculated to aid in this assessment.


  • Individualized surgical plan following liposuction consultation

Following history and clinical examination, Dr. Power will make specific recommendations for a surgical plan based on your aesthetic goals.  If considering liposuction on multiple sites, safety guidelines will determine the maximum number of liposuction sites within one surgical procedure.  This depends on anticipated volume of liposuction, estimated length of surgery, and whether being performed in combination with other surgical procedures.  Individualized recommendations will be discussed in depth during liposuction consultation.


Please contact us if considering liposuction in the Toronto area to schedule a consultation with female plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephanie Power.


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