Labiaplasty is one of the fastest-growing types of cosmetic surgery.  Common reasons why patients may consider labial reduction include discomfort in tight-fitting clothing or feeling self-conscious regarding the elongated appearance.  Labiaplasty is most commonly performed under local anesthetic.  Patients often inquire about labiaplasty recovery as they plan an appropriate time to undergo surgery.  Labiaplasty recovery may be discussed based on the following timeline:

          Pain medication requirements

Patients generally require prescription pain medication for a couple of days following labiaplasty.  As soon as possible, it is recommended to alternate doses of Tylenol #3 with Tylenol plain or extra-strength until no longer requiring any pain medication.  Applying cold compresses and limiting one’s activity level also help to reduce localized discomfort as well as requirements for pain medication.  The local anesthetic lasts for a few hours following labiaplasty.  It is recommended to take the first dose of prescription pain medication before the local freezing has worn off.

          Return to work following labiaplasty recovery

Patients may return to office-based work within a few days of labiaplasty.  If a patient undergoes surgery on a Thursday or Friday, she may generally return to work by the following Monday.  If one’s job responsibilities are more strenuous, longer recovery time may be required before returning to work.  This should be discussed with Dr. Power in consultation.

          Return to exercise

Patients may resume exercise at one month following labiaplasty.  If localized discomfort persists, waiting until 6 weeks to resume cycling and spinning class may be recommended.  This time frame ensures that the surgical site has healed appropriately and may decrease risk of bleeding and further wound healing complications.

          Return to sexual activity

It is recommended to wait until 4-6 weeks after labiaplasty before resuming sexual activity, also to lower risk of healing complications.

          Time to see final results

Early results following labiaplasty may be seen within a few weeks of surgery.  It takes many months up to one year for subtle swelling to fully resolve and for scars to mature.  Patients may occasionally notice regions of scar sensitivity, which may improve over several months following surgery.

Labiaplasty is generally a well-tolerated surgery with high reported satisfaction rates.  Following activity restrictions post-operatively is intended to lower risk of healing complications and may increase the likelihood of achieving a pleasing aesthetic outcome.  Please contact female plastic surgeon Dr. Power if considering labiaplasty surgery in the Toronto area.

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