Labiaplasty (also called labial reduction) has received more attention in the media over recent years.  This is an effective technique for reducing prominent labia minora.  Patients often ask regarding other options for labial rejuvenation, specifically for the labia majora and mons regions.

The labia majora and mons may change in appearance following pregnancies, body weight fluctuation, and the natural aging process.  The labia majora often loses volume and elasticity over time, which contributes to a deflated appearance.  In contrast, excess fatty tissue may accumulate within the mons.

Aside from labiaplasty, three additional options for labial rejuvenation include:

  1. Fat grafting of the labia majora
  2. Liposuction of the mons pubis
  3. Mons lift or reduction

You may commonly read the terms ‘fat grafting’, ‘fat transfer’, or ‘microfat transfer’ in the plastic surgery literature. These are current buzz words in plastic surgery and for good reason! Fat grafting has proven to be effective in restoring volume in many body regions. These terms essentially refer to the same process. Fat is suctioned from regions of undesired fullness (most commonly the lower abdomen or thigh regions), carefully prepared, and then reinjected at other sites to correct volume loss. It may be performed on the labia majora to achieve the so-called labial puff. Fat grafting of the labia majora may plump up the tissues to restore a more youthful appearance. By augmenting the labia majora, this will also decrease the prominence of the labia minora and restore balance. Labial fat grafting may be performed under local anesthetic when performed alone. It may also be combined with other plastic surgery procedures under general anesthetic depending on patient goals.

Many women present with increased fullness of the mons region, either alone or when considering tummy tuck surgery. This region is amenable to thinning through liposuction.  Skin elasticity must be normal however for liposuction to be effective.  After the excess fatty tissue is suctioned out, the skin must contract and tighten for a pleasing aesthetic outcome.  If candidates are not carefully selected for liposuction of the mons region, the aesthetic outcome may actually worsen following the procedure.

After history of pregnancies or in association with natural aging, skin often loses elasticity.  When liposuction is not recommended due to reduced skin elasticity, mons lift or reduction may be more appropriate in these cases.  If liposuction is performed without normal skin elasticity, the mons may demonstrate even more looseness after excess fatty tissue is removed.  Mons lift or reduction may be performed as an independent procedure or often during tummy tuck surgery.  The surgery may raise and resuspend the position of the mons and reduce any tissue excess that has developed.

As outlined in this blog, there are many options for labial rejuvenation.  During consultation with Dr. Power, a detailed history and clinical examination will be performed to determine which technique is most appropriate in helping you reach your aesthetic goals.  Dr. Power’s office has an entirely female staff, which may be important for some patients interested in labial rejuvenation. Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule your consultation.

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