A tummy tuck effectively eliminates excess skin and fat pockets from the abdomen for a smoother tummy. It is a popular procedure for women following childbirth, though many patients also benefit from this procedure due to aging or weight fluctuations. Part of a successful tummy tuck recovery involves wearing a compression garment. Read on to learn more about how this garment can help facilitate a quicker recovery.

What is a Tummy Tuck Compression Garment?

A tummy tuck compression garment is a heavily elasticized cloth that stretches around your midsection, similar to a girdle. The garment typically covers the area below your breasts down to the hips or pelvic area. It applies even and constant pressure to the encased area, which offers many benefits during the healing process.

Why Should I Wear a Compression Garment Following Tummy Tuck?

A compression garment can help a great deal in your recovery after abdominoplasty. Some of the main benefits include the following.

Reduces the Risk of Seroma

The excess serous fluid collection that fills a pocket under the skin is technically referred to as a seroma. Seromas are considered a common abdominoplasty complication. The even pressure from the compression garment minimizes the risk of fluid buildup to reduce the risk of seroma for a more comfortable recovery experience.

Reduces the Risk of Bleeding

Compression garments apply gentle pressure to seal off damaged blood vessels and lower risk of hematoma formation and ongoing bleeding. These garments also reduce swelling, bruising, and the more serious risk of blood clots.

Enhances Comfort

These garments keep tissues in place as you heal.  They provide support to the abdominal muscle repair, which improves comfort.  Because garments are made with elastic and nylon, these garments move with you as you begin to heal and slowly become more active. 

Reduces the Risk of Contour Irregularities

Compression garments help to support and flatten the contour of the treated area for improved results. This is why your garment must fit properly; if it feels too loose, speak with your provider. Your garment should be snug but you should also be able to breathe comfortably.

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