There are several reasons why a patient may choose a labiaplasty. This procedure can result in many benefits for patients, including both cosmetic improvements and the relief of symptoms. Continue reading to learn more about the labiaplasty procedure and the top five benefits.  

How is a Labiaplasty Performed?

A labiaplasty can be performed using either a trim or wedge technique, depending on the patient’s needs or goals. In a trim labiaplasty, excess tissue from the labia minora, or inner labia, is resected. This removes darkened tissue, which is a common concern for labiaplasty patients, as well as decreasing the overall projection of the labia minora to reduce discomfort and improve appearance.

In a wedge labiaplasty, a V-shaped section of the labia minora is resected. This does not reduce darkened tissue as effectively as a trim labiaplasty but can result in reduced scarring. During your consultation, Dr. Power can make a recommendation regarding the best technique to achieve your goals for labiaplasty.

Dr. Power may perform a labiaplasty using either local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is usually preferred for those opting for labiaplasty alone due to decreased risk of complications and decreased downtime. However, general anesthesia may be a better option for those choosing to pair their labiaplasty with another, more complex procedure as in a mommy makeover. It is also an option for those who have phobias of needles or medical procedures.

Labiaplasty Benefits:

1. Reduce Pain and Discomfort

One of the primary reasons to choose a labiaplasty is to reduce pain or discomfort. Enlarged or exposed inner labia can easily become irritated during sexual activity, exercise such as biking, chafing on clothing, or other activities. Reducing exposed or enlarged inner labia through a labiaplasty can greatly reduce this discomfort.

2. Improve Comfort in Clothing

Many patients choose labiaplasty to improve their comfort and a more suitable fit in various types of clothing. Tight clothing, athletic clothing, or swimsuits can all pose challenges for those with enlarged or damaged labia. A labiaplasty allows women to more freely choose their clothing options without worrying about improper fit or issues such as chafing.

3. Increase Your Confidence

A confidence boost after labiaplasty can come from multiple instances. Many patients feel more comfortable and confident in the appearance of their labia, which allows them to in turn feel more confident with a partner. Others may feel more confident in the fit of their clothing and appearance wearing items such as swimsuits or tight exercise clothing. A labiaplasty can allow patients to let go of self-consciousness and worry in this regard.

4. Enhance Sexual Experience

An enlarged or damaged labia minora can cause discomfort or pain during sexual activity. Some patients may also feel self-conscious or distracted about their appearance before a labiaplasty. By relieving these issues, a labiaplasty allows sexual activity to be more enjoyable.

5. Improve Hygiene and Health

Excess tissue can make regular hygiene more difficult. Women with excess inner labia tissue are at an increased risk for UTIs and other concerns. By removing this excess tissue, women often find that their normal hygiene routines are much easier. This can reduce the likelihood of health concerns related to improper hygiene.

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