Questions about recovery are some of the most common during a facelift consultation. While a facelift can offer significant improvements in sagging, jowls, wrinkles, or folds, it is also important to understand expectations for the recovery period. Dr. Stephanie Power can answer any questions you may have during your consultation at Power Plastic Surgery in Toronto, ON. Below is a general guide for the first 30 days of a typical facelift recovery.

Facelift Recovery in Week One

During the first week of facelift recovery, swelling and bruising are quite common.  It is important to perform cold compresses frequently over the first 48 hours post-op, which will aid in your recovery.  It is important to follow the post-op instructions carefully regarding showering and incision care.

You will be discharged from our surgical facility the morning after surgery.  You may still feel tired from the anesthetic.  It is important to walk short distances from room to room around your home over the first few days.  You may then feel well enough to walk short distances around your neighborhood.  It is important not to push yourself over the first week after your surgery and to avoid bending over or any activities that may elevate your heart rate or blood pressure.  You may require prescription pain medication over the first couple of days post-operatively. 

Facelift Recovery in Week Two

Throughout the second week of your facelift recovery, swelling and bruising will improve.  Many patients are able to return to office-based work at this time point.  Your sutures will be removed by 10 days after surgery.  Once you are no longer requiring prescription pain medication and feel that you are mobile enough to turn and check your blind spot, you may resume driving.

Facelift Recovery in Weeks Three and Four

Through weeks three and four after your facelift, you will notice a significant reduction in visible side effects like bruising and swelling.  You will begin to see your early results as healing progresses.  Your scars will appear immature and pink, which take a full year to fade to their final appearance.  You will be able to resume errands and attend social gatherings by this point.

Thirty Days After Your Facelift

By one month after your facelift, healing will continue to improve gradually day by day.  You may cautiously resume light exercise.  Dr. Power will give specific recommendations during routine follow up appointments based on your healing.  You may still notice subtle swelling, which will gradually resolve.  It takes a full year to achieve final results after facelift surgery.  Numbness of your cheeks, particularly in front of your ears, is also common at this stage, which generally resolves over a few months post-operatively.

Throughout your recovery process, it is important to follow Dr. Power’s advice and aftercare instructions.  If you have any concerns about your healing, you should contact Dr. Power as soon as possible.

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