Patients often ask for recommendations regarding the best skin care products during plastic surgery consultation.  They wish to address early signs of aging, control break-outs, and protect against UV exposure to decrease long-term risk of skin cancer development.  Here are the 3 best skin care products recommended by Toronto plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephanie Power:


  1. Sunscreen

Exposure to UV rays accelerates signs of aging and increases the risk of developing skin cancers.  Daily sunscreen is recommended with broad spectrum coverage, which offers protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.  An SPF of 30 or higher is recommended.  It should be reapplied frequently if outside for prolonged periods, particularly if swimming or sweating.  Sunscreen is important even with cloud cover, which does not block UV rays.  Participating in winter sports at higher altitudes also increases UV exposure, making sunscreen important in colder months.  Basic sun precautions should also be followed, including avoiding sun exposure at peak hours, wearing a hat and other protective clothing, and seeking shade whenever possible.  Sunscreen is the best skin care product given that it may lower the risk of developing skin cancers as well as protect against early signs of aging.  UV exposure has been shown to accelerate aging, resulting in pigmentation changes, loss of elasticity, and more prominent wrinkles.  Most skin cancers are also a direct result of UV exposure.


  1. Vitamin A

Research has shown promising results for vitamin A products – referred to as retinoids – for the skin.  The most effective products contain tretinoin as the active ingredient.  I recommend Retin A Micro to my patients, which has been shown to reduce sun damage, soften fine lines, and treat acne lesions.  It also serves to exfoliate, enhance cell turnover, and clear out pores.  This product is available by prescription only.  Risks and benefits will be discussed in detail during consultation.  It is important to avoid using this product if pregnant or breastfeeding.  Sunscreen is very important when applying vitamin A products given increased risk of photosensitivity.  It is generally recommended to start applying this gel every third night and then gradually working up to nightly as tolerated.

  1. Vitamin C

Topical vitamin C also has many benefits for the skin.  It has anti-aging effects and boosts collagen synthesis.  It brightens the skin through its antioxidant effects and addresses hyperpigmentation.  This may lead to a more even and radiant skin texture.  I recommend applying a Neostrata Vitamin C capsule every morning (following vitamin A application at night).  Single use capsules are recommended given that many forms of vitamin C are not stable and become oxidized when exposed to air.


Although countless products are available in the anti-aging and face care industry, these 3 best skin care products have shown the most convincing results.  Applying them regularly after washing with a gentle facial cleanser and moisturizing may simplify one’s beauty routine and also lead to health benefits by reducing UV exposure and reversing signs of photodamage.  Please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephanie Power if you have other plastic surgery questions in the Toronto area.

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