If you want to reduce wrinkles and subtly elevate your eyebrows without invasive surgery, Botox could be a good option for you. Botox treats dynamic wrinkles that occur from facial expressions. It may achieve a brow lift effect by weakening the muscles that lower the eyebrows.  These wrinkles commonly develop over time from repetitive squinting or frowning.  They affect the area between the eyebrows and are called glabellar lines.  These lines can be reduced with a Botox brow lift.

How Does A Botox Brow Lift Work?

A Botox brow lift may lift the eyebrows through injections into the outer area of the eyebrows and glabellar area. The injections may be performed using a neuromodulator called botulinum toxin, which temporarily relaxes the muscles to create a smoother appearance. When the muscles that lower the eyebrows are weakened using Botox, this leaves the muscle that elevates the eyebrows unopposed and may result in a lift effect.

What Should You Expect Before And After Treatment?

The whole treatment should not take more than a few minutes. Dr. Power can apply a numbing cream to make it more comfortable. There is little downtime involved.  Patients are generally advised not to lie down flat for a few hours and to avoid heavy exercise for 24 hours.

What Can You Expect From Botox Brow Lift Results?

The time it takes for results varies among clients, but you should see early results by approximately 5 days after treatment. The final results can commonly be seen in about two weeks and last three to four months before needing another session. So, if you want to improve your appearance before an important event, try to schedule a session two weeks ahead of time. The delay occurs because of the mechanism of action and time it takes for uptake within the body.  In some cases, you may not need another session for 6 months or so.  Repeat sessions will be needed to maintain the results.

Who Makes a Good Botox Brow Lift Candidate?

A Botox brow lift candidate should be in excellent overall health, not be pregnant or breastfeeding, and 18 and older. You will benefit the most from the brow lift if you have noticed mild drooping of your brow position over time.  Before you undergo injections, Dr. Power will review your health history to make sure you are not at increased risk of developing a negative reaction to the substance. Inform her of any skin conditions, muscular disorders, and medications you take.

How Much Does A Botox Brow Lift Cost?

Several factors can determine the cost of Botox: the treatment area, qualifications of the injector – whether a board-certified plastic surgeon or nurse injector – and cost per unit. Most providers commonly use between 20 and 40 units at a cost of $12 to $20 per unit. Health insurance does not cover the cost of cosmetic Botox.

Schedule a Consultation

A Botox brow lift can make elevate your brows and reduce the appearance of wrinkles without invasive surgery.  If you think a Botox brow lift is for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephanie Power at Power Plastic Surgery for personalized recommendations.

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