After a busy summer, interest in plastic surgery typically increases in the fall and winter.  Many patients prefer this time of year given that it is easier to cover up when healing as the weather cools.  Abdominal binders following tummy tuck, for example, are often more comfortable to wear in cooler temperatures and easier to cover under heavier fall and winter clothing.  Facial incisions and swelling may also be easier to conceal at this time.  Patients often wish to feel and look refreshed before upcoming holiday social events and may be less physically active than during summer months.  Here are five tips to increase the likelihood of achieving the best plastic surgery outcomes:


  1. Check your surgeon’s credentials

Plastic surgeons in Canada complete a rigorous training program in plastic and reconstructive surgery following medical school.  This is generally 5-6 years in length often followed by additional training in various plastic surgery subspecialties.  Plastic surgeons are board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, which ensures a high standard of training and competence.  Many plastic surgeons also complete additional fellowship training in cosmetic surgery.  Some physicians and medical spas in Canada may perform medical treatments without formal plastic surgery training and credentials.  It is important to know and feel comfortable with your practitioner’s training before proceeding with elective cosmetic procedures.


  1. Timing is everything for the best plastic surgery!

Although nobody enjoys taking time from a busy schedule for recovery, it is critical to allow sufficient recovery time to ensure the best plastic surgery outcomes.  Detailed aftercare instructions and activity modifications will be provided following your plastic surgery procedure.  Refraining from exercise and strenuous activity is important for 4-6 weeks after most surgical procedures to lower risk of wound healing complications.  Timing is also important when understanding a patient’s motivation for surgery.  If going through a major life change – for example, a divorce or when coping with psychological issues – it may be best to defer surgery.  There is greater risk of dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome when proceeding with plastic surgery under these circumstances.  I recommend for patients to critically evaluate their reasons for considering cosmetic surgery.  It may boost your self-confidence and reduce personal insecurities,  but likely will not improve interpersonal relationships.


  1. Research the plastic surgery procedure

Education is key.  I recommend for patients to read as much as possible from reputable websites and other sources.  It is important to understand the plastic surgery procedure, as well as associated risks, recovery, and anticipated results.  Plastic surgeon websites as well as the American and Canadian Societies of Plastic Surgery are excellent sources for educational material.


  1. Turn off distractions during consultations and arrive on time!

It is challenging in this era of smart phones and social media, but important for patient care and building the doctor-patient relationship to turn off distractions during consultation.  Texting or answering calls during appointments may limit your understanding of the plastic surgery procedure.  It also reduces the office efficiency and increases the wait time for other patients.  Dr. Power and all office staff will not use their cell phones during your appointment.  We ask for the same level of respect in return to ensure that we work together towards your aesthetic goals.  Along the same lines, it is important to arrive on time for your consultation and follow up visits.  We strive towards keeping on schedule and take pride in our short wait times.  Please allow for delays during travel and arrive on time to ensure that other patients are not delayed.


  1. Have realistic expectations

It is important to understand what plastic surgery may and may not achieve.  Bringing photograph examples to your consultation is encouraged as a communication tool, but it is not possible to replicate a desired outcome.  Even the best plastic surgery leaves scars.  They are designed and meticulously created to follow natural skin creases and placed at strategic sites, which may result in the most inconspicuous scar possible.  Dr. Power will listen carefully to your goals and expectations during consultation to ensure that they may be achievable through plastic surgery.


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