Labiaplasty recovery Toronto

What should I expect during labiaplasty recovery?

Labiaplasty has become an increasingly common cosmetic surgery over the last several years. Patients come from a wide range of backgrounds: heading busy households, businesses, and academic programs. Labiaplasty recovery is an important consideration for all patients. Here are five frequently asked questions relating to labiaplasty recovery:

Is recovery painful?

  • Patients will generally experience discomfort for a few days during labiaplasty recovery. The local freezing lasts for approximately 3-4 hours. Patients will be given a prescription for pain medication to fill prior to surgery. I recommend taking 1-2 tablets before the local freezing wears off and then taking them as needed. After a few days during labiaplasty recovery, patients are generally able to wean from the prescription pain medication and take only Tylenol regular or extra-strength as needed. Cold compresses are also very important during labiaplasty recovery for the first 24-48 hours. I recommend frequent applications which will also reduce swelling and associated discomfort.

How long until I can shower?

  • Patients may resume showering the day after surgery. I recommend to gently wash the incisions daily with soap and running water. Wound care instructions will be reviewed in detail before surgery. Meticiculous wound care during labiaplasty recovery may also reduce the risk of infection. I recommend for patients to avoid baths or swimming until the stitches have dissolved and incisions have healed.

When may I return to work or school?

  • Most patients are able to resume low intensity activities (e.g. desk job equivalent or academic programs) within a few days. To lower risk of bleeding, swelling, and wound healing complications during labiaplasty recovery, I recommend for patients to avoid strenuous activity or exercise for one month post-operatively.

When may I resume sexual activity?

  • Patients should refrain from sexual activity during labiaplasty recovery until approximately 4-6 weeks when fully healed.  Activity restrictions will be lifted following clinical reassessment at that time.

How about driving a car?

  • Patients may resume driving once no longer taking prescription pain medication and once able to move comfortably to ensure normal visibility.

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