A facelift is the gold standard procedure to address signs of facial aging. Patients often ask during consultation which facial regions are treated by facelift surgery. This blog will discuss the benefits of facelift according to facial region:

– Correction of jowls is one of the main benefits of facelift surgery

As facial aging progresses, volume accumulates in the lower face due to the effects of gravity and decreased skin elasticity. There is a facial ligament overlying the jawbone, which is a fixed point. As soft tissues descend over time, this leads to prominence of the so-called jowls just behind this fixed ligament. During a facelift, the mandibular retaining ligament is released and the skin and soft tissues are resuspended to smoothen the jawline appearance.

– Softening of nasolabial folds

The nasolabial or smile lines gradually deepen over time. As the skin is redraped and superficial facial muscles are resuspended during a facelift, this also softens the appearance of the nasolabial lines. If these lines are particularly deep, microfat grafting may also be performed during facelift surgery to provide additional volume.

– Increased definition of the submental region

The cervicomental angle under the chin loses definition over time as skin elasticity decreases. Localized fat often accumulates at this site as well. Benefits of facelift surgery also include sharpening the neck angle.  It may be improved through various techniques, including fat removal, suspension of the platysma (neck muscle), or stitching the muscle together in the midline through a separate incision hidden within the chin crease.  Facelift surgery also adds further definition to the neck.


– Restoring midface volume

The effects of gravity are often most pronounced within the midface/cheek region. During a facelift, the superficial facial muscles (so called SMAS layer) is commonly resuspended to add volume to the midface. If further volume is required, fat grafting may also be performed to create a more youthful appearance.


– Facelift surgery does not affect the eyelids, eyebrow position, or wrinkles around the lips

A facelift does not improve the appearance of redundant eyelid skin or prominent orbital fat. It also does not lift the brows or improve the appearance of wrinkles around the lips (perioral rhytids). If patients are concerned regarding the appearance of these regions, facelift surgery may be combined with eyelid or brow surgery as desired. Options for wrinkles around the mouth include skin resurfacing techniques, such as lasers or peels, or soft tissue fillers (most commonly hyaluronic acid fillers).


Please contact us if considering facial rejuvenation surgery to schedule a consultation with Yorkville plastic surgeon Dr. Stephanie Power.  Surgical recommendations will be based on your specific aesthetic concerns and clinical presentation.